10 January, 2014

Solo Show Opens

 Loads of Kraken Rum. Loads of people getting inked with my Artwork. Loads of old and new friends.
What a night!

 I spent the few  days on the run up to the show's opening painting the walls. My brushes had barely dried by the time the doors opened.

I was overwhelmed by the turn out.

Many Many Thanks to Ashley at The Circle for giving me the opportunity to show case my work.

A big Thank you to Danielle at Kraken for supplying a ridiculous amount of the best Rum going.

 And finally to all those who have helped me in some way (of those there are many).


For one month
Elfin Flash will be available throughout the duration of the show
Aswell as
Prints, vinyl stickers and original artwork!



^Look at these crazy fool getting scared with my doodles :)

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