14 January, 2014

Stockwell Stocked well

Totally didn't expect to see so many heads at stockwell;
there wasn't enough space to put up a decent piece, so I did a real quick tribute to Sky Doll.
Roll on summer; I can see some awesome days down here
Check out Sky Doll


Eye Ring Gallery

During December this is where you'd find me;
sizing rings in The Great Frog workshop
There were lots of orders and are many stages to finishing the ring...

The polishing machine has different wheels
for removing scratches and giving a high shine
Getting the ring caught up in the machine still scares the crap of me,
 but it doesnt happen so often now :)

Here's the Great Frog online page^

A massive THANK YOU goes out to everybody that has orderd one!

Especially to Jimmy Q who continues to wear it in all his shoots.

Photorealism Spray Painting

This was a really good days painting. 

I referenced a photo and had a random selection of paint;
with the aim of improving my can control and technique.

It was my first attempt at photorealism. I really enjoyed the shift in mindset;
blending colours and creating fades rather than trying to create crisp lines.

I shall have another go soon :)

Many Thanks to Jim at End Of The Line Studios for inviting me down 

'Rebel With A Claus' Xmas Window

This job was a real test.

Painting on glass, pleasing the owner, and thinking of a 'metal' Christmas pun pushed me to my limits.

Stoked with how it came out...

I used acrylic paint mixed with an anti cracking medium 
to ensure the image would stay on the glass for the Christmas period.


I needed to paint in reverse so the image could be viewed from both sides; 
this perhaps was the trickiest aspect, as i've never painted on the inside like this before.

Here's some black and white images to fend of the glass reflections...

Using Acrylic meant that the paint was easily scraped off 
without scratching the glass come January.

Not your average business cards...

I am very happy to have all those hours inking on me at all times.

I highly recommend MOO.COM 
It allows you upload as many different images per set as you like. 

Huck Magazine

 Stoked to be interviewed by Huck Magazine
Read in full here;

TGF Skull Patch

Great to see my drawing in another new medium.

This silver thread skull patch will pimp any jacket. 
Stitch or iron on. Winning.

10 January, 2014

Gods Exhibition

What an amazing month it's been. All but a few prints have sold, 
with three designs sold out completely.

The satisfaction that comes form putting on a Solo show is equal to the pressure. Intense!

Finally, here's the artwork. Ink originals sale on request.


Baset (prints sold out)


Lilith (prints sold out)

The Immaculate Heart (prints sold out)

Contact me via isabelwhite@hotmail.co.uk
to grab the last remaining prints @30 each 
Limited edition of 10

Until next time!

White Canvas Project

Now this event was a lot of fun

 I worked alongside some truly awesome Artists whilst overlooking the roof tops of east London.

Check out the video here;

We reclaimed old doors, boards, walls and crates. Everything got painted... 
 Each artist also customised a sketch book to go on sale once the event opened.

 Above we have Zadok, Tizer, Hicks and Gent hard at work.
Below is a progress shot of my piece...

Many Thanks to Jim and Mattie at End Of The Line for inviting me down

All Seeing Eye Ring at The Great Frog

It's Arrived!

Now Available to buy in store and online!


Retailing at £180, including a resize.
Solid 925 Sterling Silver

Visit us in store to view the All Seeing Eye Ring and also to be measured.

The Great Frog
10 Ganton Street, London W1F 7QR

Vans Shoes, Oxford Street

This was a great days work customising Vans shoes in store.
Met some great artists too.
Here are some of my designs that day......

Loved the results of the roller derby girls commissions. There was a different artist for each team member. My lady was stoked with her flamimg wheels!

I felt the need to customise my own Sk8 Hi's with rainbow zebra print, 
(after painting so many others!) Nice. 

Loved working for Vans

More of that please :)

TGF T-Shirts

 I drew these designs for The Great Frog; 
makers of rock'n'roll jewellery in central London. 

It's great to see them finished. 
Lovingly hand screened by Stu at Lovenskate.

 Available to buy at

Kingston Art Workshop

Once again, working with the lovely lot form BID. 
This time, myself and Zina drew at Kingston College.
 Lovely staff and students, autumn sunshine and drawing and painting.