03 September, 2013


Come check out spanking new ink drawings, stickers, and paintings! 
Drink Kraken rum and be merry!
I've also painted the venue walls for a full Elfin Artwork experience,
located in the heart of Soho, London.

22 May, 2013

Switch Blade Tattoo

My blade series drawings are on show at The Circle Tattoo studio, 
Fredrik is guest spotting there at the moment and I fancied a tattoo!

So happy with my new ink!

FREDRIK REINEL you genius!

This is my favourite character from the blade series and it was executed perfectly!

Jimmy Q rocking the All Seeing Eye Ring

This guy's a legend. 
Super stoked that he's another satisfied customer.

To order an All Seeing Eye ring, contact me on

Star Walls Exhibtion

Currently showing!

Get down to this exhibition at The Stone Space in Leytonstone!
This saturday there will be an all day event with tattooing, body painting and much more!

Here's my submission.... BIGGIE EWOK

Painted with Acrylics onto a skate deck.

This exhibition is in memory of the awesome Stuart Freeborn,
Star Wars Trilogy make up and character designer. Famous for building yoda!

There really is a lot to see, including an epic mural by Jim Vision...

Exhibition ends 9th June

Vans Spring Classics Varazze

I had the pleasure of working with LOVENSKATE and Vans recently
 at the Spring Classics comp in Varazze Italy

As luck would have it, my better half Ewen Bower planned to skate the comp 
so he skated whilst I worked on a creative workshop stall. 

Customising your own Vans (to win goodies) was the name of the game.

Here's the multitalented Kris Vile getting tech with his design...

Rain stopped play on Sunday and that's when the colouring in really came into it's own.
I've NEVER seen a cafe full of skaters so quiet.
Here's the results....

I had an awesome time in Varazze. The people there are super rad. 

An Itatlian Kid caught me on the beach and asked me to customise his beat up Vans;
of course I accepted!

An the cherry on top came when Ewen won his first novelty cheque!




All Seeing Eye Ring

I've been working polishing jewellery for Graham Mitchell, the Creator of Strange Fruit Jewellery.

Graham suggested I make a ring from start to finish so I could understand all of the processes.

And here they are.....

First of all I carved my design into hard wax. This by far, was the longest process

Once the wax is as tidy as possible, a mould was made from it and a solid silver eye ring was cast.

This is then polished and finished, paying attention to the most minute marks.

This is the finished master from which a final mould was made.

 I went ahead and cast a set of rings to sell. 

They each had to be individual polished and finished with as much attention to detail as the master.

Graham was right, I learnt a shit load. I'm super grateful for his patience and knowledge!

I'm mega happy to say that these have been selling like hot cakes!

If you are interested in purchasing an All Seeing Eye Ring they are £160 
and cast in solid 925 sterling silver.

Contact me on isabelwhite@hotmail.co.uk

The Circle

Currently on show at The Circle Tattoo studio on Noel Street 
are the original ink drawings for the Blade Series.

Each drawing is £50

Alternatively or aswell as you can buy limited edition vinyl sticker packs!

A pack of 8 (full set) is £10
A pack of 4 (half set) is £5

All lovingly hand screen printed by LOVENSKATE

The Great Frog Sticker Pack

Last month I drew up some designs for The Great Frog Jewellers (Carnaby Street).
The sticker packs are now on sale for £5 and include these.....!

For those of you who haven't been, this store is well worth a visit. 
you can check out them out here too;


Zombie hands

Here's a little to post to show the different effects of materials
 and seeing a sketch through onto a wall...

Sketch, pencil on paper

Thoughts on colour, coloured pencils on black paper

Spray Paint on wall at Stockwell.
Slight issues with scaling up meant no room for the 'Elfin' bloodspurt...

Chain Gang Exhibition

Currently on show at Juno Bar (Shoreditch High Street) 
is a show curated by the wonderful Candy Lo.

The Premise is that each artist collaborated with the person showing next to them. 
This has created a smooth visual flow from one artist into the next.

Below is the detail of  'the Tower' mixed media

Here's the work I submitted; on the left is Sri Mc Kinnon and myself's collaboration, 
the two in the center are my own, and on the right is a snowboard painted by myself and Jenism.

Here's another detail of 'The Tower' Deck. Color photos of all decks to follow.

15 May, 2013

Strange Fruit

  Recently I've started working for an old friend and creator 
of Strange Fruit Jewellery, Graham Mitchell.

I help polish and finish his pieces so he can crack on with awesome new designs!

Here's his solid silver Anatomical Heart Pendant, 
customised with green garnets.

  Strange Fruit is available to buy here;