19 January, 2012

Knife series

During December I committed to redrawing then inking all of my object shaped girls using my trusty light box for a clean image.
This can be quite unforgiving as far as adjustments go. However, I had determination not to fuss over 'mistakes' and just to move onto the next one. 

Eight out of nine of these girls are to be screen printed onto vinyl this month. It's been a little while since I've had stickers made and I'm excited to collect them.

In addition, two of these characters have been tattooed(!) and another engraved onto a Switchblade pendant (guess which one) ;)

Peshkabs, Sword


Rapier, Axe, Mughal

                                             The Axe I redrew four or five times out of panic. My Fella had a tattoo session booked and decided to have it tattooed on his calf (regardless of whether I was satisfied with the image or not!). It helped develop my shading and add depth to the hair which is missing in the earlier drawings.....

Switchblade, Scissors, Dagger


These appear in the reverse order all the way to the top, Starting with the dagger.