23 September, 2012

Live Draw Ealing Broadway BID

Zina and I were asked by Ealing Broadway BID to draw in the Town Centre during Lunchtime. 

Our tasks included interaction with the public as well as drawing something that would represent London and the community. 

Shots were taken every 10 seconds and a time lapse video is on it's way....

Altogether a really enjoyable day. 

Great fun to work with Zina. 

And pleasure a to work for the guys pushing creative events through Ealing Broadway BID.

19 September, 2012

Stockwell Painting

I've just moved south of the river. So stoked to have this spot just around the corner.
I met up with an old friend AMUK and had a sunny sunday's painting.

 Here's what the boys got up to...

I decided to paint a giant hand in preparation for next week's wall.
All will be revealed.

New Ink!

Here's Josh at Kids Love Ink tattooing me for the first time. 

We've know each other for years and his artwork is super rad.

Rockwell House

Rockwell House is situated in the heart of East London, just off Great Eastern Street.
There are many talented peoples in the studios there, so I was chuffed to bits to paint the main stairwell.
I referenced a pencil drawing of mine and painted this with spray paint.

Jim painted the piece on the next floor up.
Check is awesome array of work out at http://www.endoftheline.co/

On Board Exhibition

Above is my design drawn onto tracing paper.

Below is a mixture of acrylics, pencil, inks and markers.
I had a lot of fun with this one.

Love N Skate Custom Bike

This bike was built from scratch by my fella, Ewen 
for our very good friend Stuart Smith, Creator of Love N Skate.

The sign writing was my contribution.
Happy Birthday Mate.

Check out Lovenskate.com

Street Fest 2012

Another great year at Street Fest

 Above is a prep drawing in pencil and ink. 
Below is the scaled up painting drawn on the day
 (using paint, pastels and markers).

 Above you have The very talented Reeps one 
and below, the equally gifted Ewen Bower,
 both in full effect on the day.

Girl with Wolves

Drawn with Graphite on Grey Midtone Paper

Today's pencil Drawing


Recently I've been drawing on grey midtone paper. 
I find it's really helping me add in shadows and highlights.
 This was drawn with coloured pencils; blue, white, grey and black.

Drawing With coloured Pencils

This was drawn firstly with a light blue, then worked into with the dark blue, then
finally highlighted with white.

08 April, 2012

Squirrel Girl

 Originally this drawing was in black and white.
This was another experiment using colour with spray paint.
I'm getting there, but still have a lot to learn...

Kids Love Ink

The wonderful Charlie Shazer @ Kids Love Ink on Cheshire Street 
recently coloured the roses on my thigh...
Next time we'll have my character shaded,
watch this space

Burning Ink Exhibition


The premise being; if the artwork on display is bought; it gets inked,
 then at the end of the show, all artwork is burnt. 

This was the fourth event of it's kind held by DC, and I went along to the opening night.

I brought along some of my vinyl stickers and to my surprise 
Dylan Hisley had them tattooed onto his shins 
by Charlie @ Kids Love Ink for the evening's live showcase.

I was super stoked to see my artwork tattooed once again.
 It was a great event with awesome artwork and a stonking turn out!

 For more information about the Burning Ink exhibition visit;



Painting East


 I had a rad day painting alongside Probs and Candy Lo

This was my second attempt at using colour, this time with my own design.
I discovered that I need to do the face on a much larger scale to achieve the detail I'm after. 

Vinyl Stickers

I chose 8 designs and put them onto one screen. 
The lovely Stu Smith at Lovenskate hand printed these for me. 

These are black and white on clear vinyl;
The characters really pop without the backing paper.

So stoked to finally have them!

16 February, 2012


This drawing is the beginning of a set; Four Seasons.
Drawn with black Rotring and silver Edding on thick cartridge paper.

I gave this to my Fella for Valentine's. 
I thought for a moment I should have drawn him 'Summer',
then figured, nah, he'll totally get the morbid sentiment.

01 February, 2012

Sky Doll Spray Painting

This was an exercise in using colour.
I'm very grateful for this introduction to the amazing comic which is SKY DOLL.

Jim vision @ End Of The Line chose this image for me to paint. 
It was a great days painting having Jim on hand to give me tips. 
Check out is work here;

Kids Love Ink

This is my drawing and thigh. 
I had an itch for ink and after seeing someone else have my work tattooed, 
I figured why the hell not. 

Tattooed by the very skilled Charlie Shazer @ Kids Love Ink, 
Cheshire Street, off Brick Lane.
(Will post the colour sessions as and when)

Elfin x StrangeFruit

 The switch blade pendant is made by the very talented Graham Mitchell, 
check more of his wonders out here;  http://strangefruitlondon.blogspot.com/

We applied my drawing to the case using laser engraving.

The proud owner of this one off pendant is Ewen Bower.

Axe Tattoo

During December Ewen Bower had my axe drawing permanently etched upon his calf.
I felt very flattered (and a tad scared).

Tattooed by our good friend Barney.

Xmas Card 2011

Every year I draw and make a Christmas card for friends and family.

I drew flowers to frame my character and inked the image using my light box.
I spent most of my time dotting with the tiniest pen.
I then drew a colour pencil layer on a separate sheet, scanned both and merged.

Finally I printed the image onto photo paper, 
then spray mounted each one onto black, navy, grey or green card.
(60 times! Must get better ventilation in my place)

19 January, 2012

Knife series

During December I committed to redrawing then inking all of my object shaped girls using my trusty light box for a clean image.
This can be quite unforgiving as far as adjustments go. However, I had determination not to fuss over 'mistakes' and just to move onto the next one. 

Eight out of nine of these girls are to be screen printed onto vinyl this month. It's been a little while since I've had stickers made and I'm excited to collect them.

In addition, two of these characters have been tattooed(!) and another engraved onto a Switchblade pendant (guess which one) ;)

Peshkabs, Sword


Rapier, Axe, Mughal

                                             The Axe I redrew four or five times out of panic. My Fella had a tattoo session booked and decided to have it tattooed on his calf (regardless of whether I was satisfied with the image or not!). It helped develop my shading and add depth to the hair which is missing in the earlier drawings.....

Switchblade, Scissors, Dagger


These appear in the reverse order all the way to the top, Starting with the dagger.