07 November, 2011

Big Chill Bristol Commission


                    I spent a week painting my characters in three rooms.
The white took three precise layers over the dark green.
I really enjoyed the chalking up and painting process...



12 September, 2011

Indo-Persian Dagger

I took my observational drawings of roses,
a knife girl sketch and put this together using my trusty light box.
The idea was to build a background or frame her in some way.
It developed into a Les Skuse homage...

05 September, 2011

Happy Birthday Chui

I have known Chui for years.
When his lady asked me to put up some artwork on the side of their house I jumped at the chance.
Candy Lo, Jim Vision, Dan Chase and Barney were all in on the suprise.
They put up artwork inside Chui's place and made it a corker of a 37th birthday.
The lemon cake and cider was spot on.
Above is the ink prep drawing.
 Below I used black satin onto an already white washed wall.

26 August, 2011

Muhgal Dagger

This was an experiment at giving my character a background, somewhere to live.
I used lilies from a still life (recently drawn whilst very poorly and stuck at home),
 together with my sketch of a Mughal dagger/girl.
Oh, and a heap of swirls for good measure.

15 August, 2011

Art nouveau style experimental drawing

I've been house bound recently, but that makes more time for drawing!
This is a relaxed experiment with old sketches and still life drawings put together using a light box....

Glastonbury Snake Pit

This is the third year Jenism and I have painted the interior of the snake pit.
The theme given this year was 'Toxic infection'.
I prepared these characters and Jen painted the connecting 'sludge'.

We worked through 3 nights painting around the builders.
On the second night the UV canons went up and the colours transformed.

The bar front by day...
and by night under UV (Jenism detail)
The dancer's cage
Wall details...
Opening night!

02 July, 2011

Street Fest

Not 100% happy with this one, I've learnt that this colour combo doesn't work for me... However, the event was a corker, always lovely to see some old faces


Once again I scaled up artwork for The Big Chill in Kings Cross.

09 May, 2011

Big Chill

I recently lent my scaling up skills to the refurb @The Big Chill in Kings cross. It was strange to draw up somebody elses artwork but interesting following their lines.
I've been invited back to paint a design of my own soon.

Stalking Elk Magazine

Stalking Elk is a new magazine, and this first Issue's theme is 'Portraits'.
I have illustrated writing by Brendan Pickett.

Soon to be released. For more info check out;



Drawn for Esther, Andy and Elizabeth.

beautiful girl

Feb 2011

Nothing says "you're rad!" like a home made card....
Also it's a great excuse to draw skulls and experiment with chicano-esque font.

BiteProof Issue 3

'American pies, American lies and a copious amount of indigenious highs'.

The Title sets the brief for each zine.
Check it out;
It's crammed with awesome artists and it's put together by 5683,
a gifted artist in his own right.

To purchase and/or check out the other issues, go here; www.biteproof.com

Urban Spaces Charity Draw

I had bags of fun drawing beside Candy Lo at the Slaughtered Lamb. It was a pleasure to meet the other participating Artists for the first time too.

All art work was donated and auctioned off to raise money for the charity Grief Encounter.
For more info visit www.griefencounter.org.uk

Dec 2010

Here's this year's A5 Xmas card design I drew for family and friends.
Next year i'll splash out on colour copies..