29 September, 2010

BAR 1001

Many thanks to J for inviting me to paint a feature wall at Bar 1001 just off Bricklane. It went up at the beginning of September and I'm stoked that it will be staying up for the next few months...

Decked 2

Another fine exhibition curated by EJ Miles and
Vicky Newman. Custom painted Decks and
Vans Chuckas were shown at the Coningsby

The private view had the street brimming,
another great eve, here's to the next one!

Love Box 2010

This was a very last minute sign writing jobbie
for, you guessed it; The Living Room at Love
Box. What another awesome weekend.
Many Thanks to Miss Led for the heads-up
and to the lovely people at the rooms....

Glastonbury 2010

This Glastonbury was a real corker. Jenism and I returned
to work for the lovely Karen Cruiks at the Snakepit, in
Shangrila, the quirkiest corner of the festival.
The brief for this venue was skulls, girls and snakes; perfect.
We worked graveyard shifts inbetween the builders and
daytime bedlam. By Thurs we were and all done and dusted
and free to enjoy the fest! Too much Fun.
The lovely Jen at work. See more here....thejenistempire.blogspot.com/

09 June, 2010

Lovenskate Vs Santa Cruz


Risograph Prints

A4 Two colour prints available!

Street Fest '10

This was a really great day, got to paint along side the lovely Candy Lo and Ladyrinth whilst Jenism sold her amazing prints (along with some of our work, thanks jen) on a stall near by. Amongst others working their magic shouts to Sri, Reeps one, Lovenskate Stu, and Inkfetish. Check out the video of the day here; . http://vimeo.com/groups/22388/videos/12191253

Hot Nights

I spent a month in Melbourne and some sleepless nights drawing,
here's a few characters that resulted...

The Labybird

The Ladybird cocktail bar on Upper Street had me back to paint their newly refurbed basement. I'll be back to take a photo of how it looks with the lights down and DJ in place.
Below is a picture of the entrance wall of a night time, which I painted for these guys last summer.